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High-Security Doors

For over three decades, Meesons has worked with partners at the forefront of innovation in security door design and development. Our extensive range of selected high-security doors reflects this deep-rooted expertise, offering unparalleled customisation in diameter, security, aesthetics, and technology. This versatility makes Meesons range of security doors ideal for various applications, from space-constrained small buildings to extensive and expansive structures.

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Ideal for…

Your considerations:

High-security doors are ideal for a range of business types. However, they are a critical physical security solution for buildings with valuable assets, are located in high-crime areas, operate out-of-hours access or store highly sensitive data.

Benefits to your business:

  • Eliminates risk of tailgating or piggybacking
  • Potential to reduce insurance premiums
  • Asset and people protection
  • Increased customer confidence

Fine-tuned to your needs:

When security is paramount, solutions must match your requirements. Whether it’s protecting a building entrance or specific areas within your business, such as storage and data halls, cash offices or even employee lounges and safe spaces, our selection of high-security doors accommodates various needs from LPS1175 requirements to NPSA and SBD approved.

Benefits to users:

  • Out-of-hours protection
  • Enhanced safety features
  • The ability for touchless access

Suitable for:

Data Centres
Critical National Infrastructure
Government and Police
Finance and Banking
24-hour businesses

Protect your High-Security Doors and ensure optimal performance.