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Speed Gates

The EasyGate Speed Gate collection offers an elegant and refined way to prevent tailgating. Whilst security from the collection needs to remain strong, we also believe that design should be preserved in the process. This means that Meesons is dedicated to collaborating as your design partner so that you can create a bespoke solution without limitations. We’ll aim to find the perfect solution that overcomes your security challenges while seamlessly integrating into your building’s look.

Ask for help if you are unsure which Speed Gates will provide the level of security you need.

Ideal for…

Your considerations:

To meet the requirement for a lower level of security, Speed Gates, also known as Speed Lanes, work as the perfect layer to prevent tailgating. They create a welcoming entrance that remains a deterrent against unauthorised access, making them the ideal solution to assist with building management and control the traffic flow of people coming in and out. Speed Gates are an excellent solution for multiple business types and sizes, and they can also be installed in grade-listed buildings.

Benefits to your business:

  • Helps manage the building’s throughput
  • Only allow authorised people through to your facilities
  • Prevents/mitigates risk of tailgating
  • Seamlessly blend into the surroundings to create a welcoming environment
  • Collaborative with SMART building technologies
  • Ability to host 99% of all access control

Fine-tuned to your needs:

With a wide variety of options and customisations, Meesons Speed Gates can be adapted to overcome your security challenges. From taller glass wings to choosing a custom top lid, the products can be designed to empower your building. Meesons Speed Gates uniquely balances high security with throughput, enabling those more secure spaces to offer high usability while protecting people and assets. With outdoor Speed Lane options and bike access solutions, we have a market-leading variety.

Benefits to users:

  • Improves the level of safety within the building
  • User-friendly and simple navigation
  • Works as a deterrent without being unobtrusive 
  • Provides the ability to use different types of access
  • Can utilise token collection saving time to hand back tokens

Suitable for:

Commercial Offices
Universities and Colleges
Leisure and 24/7 Gyms
Data Centre lobbies
Government offices
Research Facilities
Financial Institutions

Protect your Speed Gates and ensure optimal performance.