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A Guide to Tackling the Rise in Gym Theft

There is a variety of layers to securing a gym to tackle gym theft, use this guide to help you determine the appropriate level of security for your environment.

Tackling gym theft

With over 10 million people having gym memberships in the UK, the 24/7 gym sector is becoming hugely successful. Despite this, there has been a spike in gym theft accounts in the press recently, causing concerns for gym-goers safety while in the facilities. From personal items stolen to bank card fraud, it is a security issue that gyms are and have been for many years consistently tackling with improving security measures.

How is the gym theft happening?

When given access, people can enter a gym and go into the changing rooms. Due to privacy reasons, there are no cameras in changing rooms, so the security in that area is significantly lower. This allows thieves a chance to raid lockers and take from others, leading to them then spending extensive amounts of money with the victim’s cards.

Where to start with tackling gym theft?

There are various layers to securing a gym to tackle gym theft. This guide can help you determine the appropriate layers and security levels to suit your environment. 

  • Access control: security portals and speed gates allow authorised members safely into the building while preventing tailgating. 
  • CCTV: cameras places around a gym will provide you with evidence of any theft or misconduct and deter people from stealing. 
  • Padlocks on lockers: an extra layer of security with a lock to stop/delay thieves from getting into others’ lockers. Many gyms tackle this with a vending machine in the facility where you can purchase a lock and remind the users to get one on their website and promote it with posters around their venues.
  • Keyless entry systems: those with authorised credentials  can enter the gym when verifying themselves.
  • Manning with staff: security personnel to supervise those in the gym and stop thieves from leaving.

Pros and cons of different gym theft solutions


Tick icon – Pros: if theft occurs, it can help you to catch who does it and deters people from wrongdoing due to the high chance of being caught. 

X icon – Cons: they cannot be in the prime spot for theft (changing rooms/lockers) since members privacy needs to be protected.

Padlocks on lockers

Tick icon – Pros: stops people from getting into others lockers to steal, members feel assured that their belongings are kept safe, and there is the option to offer a members a chance to purchase one.

X icons – Cons: expensive to supply and provides added cost to the customer, as well as the problem of if someone forgets their pin, then they canot get their belongings out conveniently.

Keyless entry systems

Tick icon – Pros: ensures verified people can get in, higher level of security, and will track who has been and gone.

X icon – Cons: inconvenient for users if they forget or lose their system, and there is a risk of members giving out their details to allow unauthorised users in.

Reception staff

Tick icon – Pros: witnesses to any misconduct, deterrent to thieves.

X icon – Cons: reduce the ability to be open 24/7, staffing issues, and human error of missing any misconduct.

Battling gym theft with a 24/7 lifestyle demand

With a high demand for gyms to be open 24/7 to suit a modern lifestyle, placing physical security into the facilities can help you to overcome some of the issues occurring. However, despite the 24/7 gyms being highly convenient, they also need to ensure that members feel safe.

Creating extra safety precautions on top of physical security can help to do this; for example, Pure Gyms close its changing rooms between midnight and 3am. Alongside this, they utilise security pods and speed gates which are put in place to maintain a safe environment for visitors.

Security to tackle gym theft

From security portals to supplying padlocks on lockers, there is a variety of layers to securing a gym. With this, it’s never been more important to secure your gym as much as possible through a layered approach. With physical security in place, you’ll be able to prevent incidents of theft and ensure that your facility is a place where members enjoy going and feel a strong sense of safety.

Let us help you prevent unauthorised access.