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Smart Access Control

The SMACS system is a versatile solution that is designed to prevent tailgating. It utilises a multi-sensor system and can be easily integrated into a building’s infrastructure and access control system. SMACS is a great complement to any identification system, including ID cards and biometric sensors.

Ideal for…

Your considerations:

SMACS is the missing link in access control and can provide an anti-tailgating solution where other, more traditional anti-tailgating forms are unsuitable. SMACS is a highly effective anti-tailgating system for applications where organisations don’t wish to impose physical barriers or must not impact the buildings’ physical features, i.e. listed buildings. With its discreet installation, no change to your building’s infrastructure is required, meaning SMACS can be installed or retrofitted with minimal disruption.

SMACS is highly flexible and can be configured to meet your specific security needs. For instance, it can be set up for one-directional access, allowing for entry or exit only, or bi-directional access, including both entry and exit access.

  • Anti-Tailgating
  • Customisable
  • High-Security
  • Touchless
  • Wheelchair Access


Mat | Goods-only access
Flex | Flexible multiple-door access
Flex Mat | Flexible multiple-door access for goods & users
1 Door-TS | Single-door airlock
Lift | Allows access to secure floors from a public floor
Multi-Entry | High-throughput two-door airlock 
Entry | High-throughput single-door anti-tailgating solution

Suitable for:

  • Grade listed buildings
  • High-security environments
  • Restricted spaces
  • Retrofit Fit-outs
Mat Flex Flex Mat 1 Door-TS Lift Multi-Entry Entry
Security Level H H H H M M L
Throughput L L L L M M H
Flexibility H H H H M M M
More than 2 doors
Material management H L M L

(H) High      (M) Medium      (L) Low      (•) Available      (—) Not Available

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Integrating with Access Control for Excellent User-Experiences

“Meesons worked with the project team throughout the development to deliver bespoke solutions, complementing the wider design.”

Project Representative

Together with Fastcom, we’ve overcome some of the most unique security challenges that our customers face. Their extensive knowledge in SMACS technology has taken our product range to new innovational heights that we’re proud to share with customers.