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Market Focus

Critical Infrastructure and Government

Helping you monitor CNI and government environments for threats and spot them before they wreak havoc.

Government and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sites are the backbone of our nation. They host key operations and protect sensitive data. Their security is vital to defending national interests and ensuring the safety of our citizens.

We’re proud to offer our vast knowledge in high-security solutions to meet the unique demands of protecting these critical facilities. We provide NPSA-approved physical security products, formerly known as CPNI.

Our team is committed to delivering excellent security measures that meet the highest standards and safeguard government and CNI sites. We use the latest technology and time-tested strategies to create all-encompassing physical security solutions customised to suit each facility’s needs.

Our NPSA-approved physical security products offer the highest level of protection, safeguarding these critical sites from potential threats. You can be confident in our unwavering dedication to excellence in protecting government facilities, serving as a steadfast barrier against dangers and fostering the safety and well-being of our nation and its people.

Market Demands

  • Must facilitate operation 24/7, 365 days a year, without interruption.
  • Ensure protection from a range of physical and cyber-attacks and natural disasters.
  • Have the ability to secure capacity demand from new and refurbished infrastructure.
  • Utilise the most advanced technologies and physical security to improve efficiency. 
  • Develop and implement CNI protection strategies with government agencies. 
  • Offer sustainable security operations to keep the sector moving 365 days a year.

Case Studies