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Market Focus

Core Commercial

Creating safe workplace environments with you to overcome the security issues your building may face.

A greater demand for flexible working, co-working spaces, and multi-tenanted office buildings comes with the challenge of restricting access to certain areas and creating a safe environment. It’s crucial to get the correct level of security in place for core commercial spaces for a better business and user experience.

Our level of expertise and number of successful projects ensures we can help you determine where your threats sit and how we can minimise them.

Market Demands

  • Requirement for integrated technology to work with efficiently.
  • Help to achieve BREEAM ratings on buildings.
  • Easily integrate with new or existing visitor management systems.
  • Facilitate to SMART buildings.
  • Restrict access in different areas to cater for multiple tenants.
  • Effective crowd management in busy areas at peak times.
  • Remotely take control of access control.
  • Tailgating/piggybacking prevention.
  • Create visual deterrents to potential intruders.

Case Studies