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Market Focus

Fitness & Leisure

Tackling the security risks that the fitness and leisure industry face together.

Amidst growing competition in the fitness industry, maintaining affordability while ensuring member safety and flexibility remains paramount. Entrance control solutions emerge as a valuable tool for fitness operators, enabling them to control access effectively and efficiently. By implementing these solutions, operators can extend operating hours, reduce staffing requirements, and optimise capacity management, all while safeguarding revenue streams.

This enhanced operational efficiency translates into lower costs and a more streamlined experience for members, fostering a competitive edge in the dynamic fitness landscape.

Market Demands

  • Affordable memberships that include quality people and personal belonging protection.
  • Convenience in location and access with increasing demand for 24/7 gym access.
  • Quality services, equipment and environments that reflect membership costs.
  • Entrance access that doesn’t restrict user experience but allows for seamless transit.
  • Ability to store customer data in a safe and reliable way.
  • Touchless access to facilities.
  • Collaborations with 3rd party technologies such as access control and VMS systems.
  • User friendly entry access.
  • Layered protection to secure multiple facilities.

Case Studies