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Market Focus

Banking and Finance

We’re ready to help you take on the security threats that the Banking and Finance sector are faced with.

Banking and Finance buildings require a high level of security in order to carefully protect the sensitive information and assets they hold. Securing this sector appropriately has a vital impact on the nation’s economy and protecting its customers.

With our knowledge and experience in securing different types of banking and finance areas, we’re qualified to help you effectively protect banking and finance buildings.

Market Demands

  • Reliable system stability over 24/7 operation.
  • Emergency control features with fire alarm integration.
  • Audit trail reporting for restricted areas.
  • Strict access control for highly secured areas.
  • Sophisticated visitor management system.
  • Video surveillance integration.
  • Intruder alarm integration.
  • Tailgating/piggybacking prevention.
  • Integrate with existing or new security systems.

Case Studies