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The most secure companies use Meesons

Our customers are more secure and creating the unmatched access experiences, faster.

Adapting Swift Security for Different Entrances

“We delivered a sleek, space-efficient model, perfect for the diverse spaces within the building.”



John Ashton

Senior Business Manager

Elevating Office Security with Bespoke Features

“Our bespoke standout EasyGate Elite Speed Gates delivered the ultimate complementary solution. Blending in with the surroundings while protecting the space from tailgating, it has truly provided the wow-factor.”



John Gregory

Senior Business Manager

Protecting people at the home of Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre

“The EasyGate SPD-R Speed Gates used on this site are a great example of how bespoke designs and integrations can perfectly complement and protect a space.”


John Ashton

Business Manager

Space-Saving Security in a Boutique Flexible Office

“This project worked well due to the colour scheme that complements the interior design and a budget that worked within the project constraints.”


John Ashton

Business Manager

Controlling Access in a Bustling City College

“The gates have helped us create an enticing and welcoming entrance to the building.”

Gary McGinty

Director of Estates 

Preventing Tailgating with Double Verification Methods

We are delighted with the portal as it has added another layer of protection to the multi-layered security that we already provide our clients.”

Managing Director


Managing High Throughput with Specialist Integrations

The attention to detail from everyone involved in the evolution of the design from a ‘standard’ product to the bespoke finish we have is excellent”

Peter Clark

Vice President at Brookfield Office Properties

24-Hour Tailgating Prevention for 21st-Century Research

“Meesons have succeeded in providing an added level of secure access to a high profile building.”

Head of Security 

Francis Crick Institute

Integrating with Access Control for Excellent User-Experiences

“Meesons worked with the project team throughout the development to deliver bespoke solutions, complementing the wider design.”

Project Representative

Greater Access Control Meets Luxury Security Aesthetics

“I have been impressed with the delivery team’s performance on The Lincoln project. It was great to help a client in need of our low footprint speed lanes.”

John Gregory

Meesons Senior Business Manager

Overcoming Varying Threats with a Layered Security Approach

“The Meesons main entrance airlocked door, and the security biometric portals have been a great addition to the London 1 site.”

Michael Noonan, Data Centre Manager

Achieving a Security Upgrade with Minimal Disruption

“The security phase of the project was delivered on time and with minimal disruption, resulting in a smooth transition to the new security measures.”

Martin Washby, Meesons Head of Technical Services

A Robust Outdoor Solution for Campus Perimeter Security

“The speed gates operate reliably and quickly, ensuring that students can gain safe access to the campus with virtually no delay.”

Halesowen College Operation Director

Stylish Security to Suit a Modern Office Space

“Our project delivery team have done a fantastic job, it delivers on all of the client’s key requirements.”

John Gregory, Meesons Senior Business Manager

Enhanced Entrance Control in Refurbished Government Hub

“The impressive multiple bank speed lane installation was a great win for Meesons that was instrumental in securing other regional offices.”

John Gregory, Meesons Senior Business Manager

Modern Workplace Design Meets Smart Security

“We are really happy with the end result and feel the lanes fit well with the aesthetics of the reception.”

Client Representative

Refurbishment Upgrade for Stylish & Functional Entrance Control

“We are really pleased with the solution, the speed gates have delivered on all our requirements”

Vincent Peacock, Project Representative

Security that Preserves India Buildings Historical Features

“We are delighted with the end result which delivers both security and aesthetics to great effect with the speed gates.”

Assistant Director Delivery (Liverpool Regional Centre), HMRC Estates Locations Programme

Creating Safer Student Accommodation with Physical Security

“Meesons experience and expertise in this area has been invaluable in delivering a solution that meets our needs.”

Community Manager, Chapter Aldgate


How PureGym Enables Faster more secure 24h access.

“On time, every time – Meesons have been instrumental in the successful delivery of all Pure Gym sites.”

Simon Rouski, Head of Facilities at Pure Gym