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Protecting your space.
Powering your business.

Leading building entrance solutions that are adapted to how you operate, day-to-day.

Committed to Entrance and Access Technology, we source cutting-edge physical security products that guarantee leading brands’ secure and optimal day-to-day operations worldwide.

Access pioneers
for 150 years

We’ve been security experts since 1864. Providing optimal security solutions and user experiences for our customers. Through our partnerships with the world’s leading manufacturers, no one else offers better-rated, better-tested products for:

  • Requires a layered physical security approach combining state-of-the-art technology with robust preventative access for data halls, reception, facade and perimeter.


  • Demands certified preventative and deterrent solutions that secure people and assets through government offices, police HQs and defence.


  • Provide customers with 24/7 uninterrupted access to facilities whilst incorporating access control and physical security, preventing theft.

  • Keep students and staff safe with a combination of high-throughput access solutions for building facades with physical security that gives security managers total visibility to building access.

  • Incorporate smart high-throughput solutions that enhance user experiences whilst protecting people and assets through smooth anti-tailgating solutions within busy atriums, lift lobbies and multi-tenant buildings.

  • Mitigate the risk of access to unauthorised areas within buildings and offices that host costly assets through a range of entrance access and technology solutions.


Service & Maintenance

Our experienced technicians will keep your products running smoothly and efficiently, extending their lifespan and saving you money in the long run with a Service and Maintenance agreement designed by you.


Empowering change

Collaborating with renowned certifying boards (LPCB, BRE, SBD and NPSA), we empower specifiers with the knowledge and expertise to select and implement rigorously tested physical access solutions.

Vertical expertise

Trusted within the most secure sectors, we provide protection solutions to some of the world’s most sensitive buildings, including Critical National Infrastructure, Government, and Data Centres.

Global reach

With three active companies operating throughout the United Kingdom, Gulf and Europe, we encourage worldwide considerations on asset and people protection through entrance and access solutions.

Redefining confidence

We supply the most extensive range of LPS1175-approved high-security doors in the market, and we continue to invest in our product offering, giving customers complete confidence in their entrance investment.

Create better user experiences

Our extensive experience in making seamless operations for our customers is something we continually develop and innovate on to ensure we’re adapting and meeting the needs of our clients.

Ensured safety and performance

Approved and accredited solutions means we supply customers with top of the market security while leaving aftercare options to ensure products will perform at their best consistently.

Discover industry leading access security solutions for your space.