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Market Focus

Higher Education &
Student Accommodation

Leading you to safer higher education facilities for staff, students, and visitors with layers of protection in place.

Higher education facilities have a responsibility to keep their people safe. From student accommodation buildings to the campus’ perimeter, unauthorised access can have detrimental results against preventing theft and vandalism while also impacting the safeguarding of students.

With our high level of experience in working with the higher education sector, we’re well equipped to advise you on how is best to put security measures in place to protect your space and mitigate risks.

Implementing security in student accommodation is crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents. There are various physical measures that can be put in place to enhance security, all while ensuring 24-hour safe access to private areas. Additionally, educating students on the importance of following safety protocols and reporting any suspicious activity can also contribute to a secure living environment.

By prioritising security measures, student accommodations can provide a safe and comfortable space for residents to thrive during their academic journey.

Market Demands

  • Robust solutions to handle high throughput in higher education buildings.
  • Ensure protection from a range of unique challenges.
  • Prevent tailgating/piggybacking.
  • Integrate effectively with visitor management systems.
  • Offer sustainable security operations to keep areas available 24/7.
  • Layered protection depending on level of threat.
  • User experience is vital to form seamless operation.
  • Audit trail reporting for restricted areas.
  • Emergency control features with fire alarm integration

Case Studies