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Security that Preserves India Buildings Historical Features

Security that Preserves India Buildings Historical Features


  • An extensive refurbishment to house new tenant.
  • Distinctive heritage features needed to be retained.


  • Security to manage access for new tenant.
  • Use of heritage bronze on solution.

India Buildings in Liverpool is a 10-storey building with 280,000 square feet of office space. An extensive refurbishment from 2017 to 2021 took place on India Buildings with hopes to house a new tenant of up to 4500 occupants. It is a unique building with distinctive historical features that needed to be retained and achieve Grade A office space.


The client had concerns over the access control in India Buildings as the new tenant would have a high volume of staff and visitors coming in and out, and wanted to prevent crowding in the reception area. As they were set to be housing civil servants in the regional government hub, there was a higher risk to unauthorised access which they needed to prevent without sacrificing the look of India Building’s historical features.


Meesons provided India Buildings with 7 lanes of EasyGate SPT Speed Gates across two banks on either side of the main entrance and 5 at a separate staff entrance to prevent unauthorised access into restricted areas. To help cope with the increased number of people entering and exiting, single wing lanes were chosen for maximum throughput that prevent large crowds, alongside an additional EA Compliant one for wheelchair access. For added security, a cantilever infill barrier and 1500mm high glass wings are in place to mitigate the risk of climbing over while acting as a visible deterrent.

An essential part to working on India Buildings was preserving the historical aspects that is offered. By working closely with the project’s architects from Falconer Chester Hall Architects, Meesons could customise the EasyGate SPT Speed Gates with a special powder coated heritage bronze that perfectly matched the reception desk. When installing, the preservation of the historical marble floor needed to be considered and so an alternative method of securing the lanes was deployed.

Easygate SPT-R Speedgate


After 4 years and significant remedial works the refurbishment of Liverpool’s landmark India Buildings has been sympathetically restored in line with the architects design. It now serves as a Grade A office for its government tenant, keeping the staff and visitors safe with secure access.

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