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Elevating Office Security with Bespoke Features

Elevating Office Security with Bespoke Features


  • Unique style desired for reception refurbishment.  
  • Prevent tailgating into financial institution’s offices.


  • Bespoke integrations applied to stand-out.
  • Installed speed gates with tailgating detection.

This 7-million-pound refurbishment, completed in 2021, saw the transformation of this financial institution’s office building become a luxurious and inspiring workspace. At seven storeys high with 380,000 square feet of space, the building sits in the UK’s capital’s primary central business district, the City of London.  


When this financial institution’s office reception went under refurbishment, the client wanted the finished space to suit their corporate identity while also creating a unique look to catch people’s attention. This meant that any security solution in place was required to complement the area without compromising on the design.  Additionally, it was crucial for the security in place to prevent any tailgating or unauthorised access into the premises.


Working to combat the client’s challenges, Meesons proposed a bank of EasyGate Elite Speed Gates with a connecting glass barrier that completed a secure line within the reception.  

The EasyGate Elite’s high-end appeal helped to elevate the surroundings and parallel with the client’s elegant and sophisticated corporate identity. With special integrations adapted to the client’s speed gates such as the illuminating wing lighting, Meesons could help them to create a solution that could become a stand-out feature to the area. Not only does the wing lighting act as an intuitive and eye-catching feature, but it also helps other layers of security, including CCTV as it highlights to the camera if someone has attempted to force their way through before the lights have turned green. 

In order to combat the potential for unauthorised access into the building, the EasyGate Elite’s made a perfect choice for the client. With improved security from the 1800mm high wings, it both deters and delays potential unverified attempts into the financial institution’s office.  

Additionally, the client opted for low iron glass as this creates a completely transparent view, making the reception area appear larger and more spacious. This allows people to look beyond the glass, giving the reception an open and welcoming feel. Alongside this aesthetic enhancement, the EasyGate Elites were also picked in black stainless steel to match the reception and suit the client’s unique look.  


The finished reception was left with beautiful surroundings that incorporated a security solution without compromising on the overall design of the space. Added security from the Elite’s cross over and tailgating detection means staff are alerted to potential unauthorised access, resulting in a safer environment. Further to this, the slimline design of the speed gates meant the client could fit enough lanes in that would prevent crowding in the reception at peak times. With special integrations, the final look creates a bespoke finish that helps to catch people’s attention. 


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