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France threat level increased to Attack Emergency.

As of March 24th, 2024, France threat level was increased the nation’s terror threat level (known as Vigipirate level) was upgraded to its highest level, Attack Emergency. This came following an attack in a Russian concert hall near Moscow which has urged the French Prime Minister to put enhanced security measures in place to protect the country.

The decision was made months before Paris hosted the 2024 Olympic Games to ensure sufficient security was in place ahead of the significant event.


Vigipirate – France Threat Level

France’s terror alert system, Vigipirate, has three levels. 

  1. Vigilance: a general state of vigilance and preparedness.
  2. Heightened security: when security measures are enhanced due to a specific threat or event.
  3. Attack emergency: activated in response to an attack in France or abroad when an immediate threat is anticipated. Additional security measures at this level have been put in place. 

Army in France

France’s Security State

Having this threat level in place means that France can be in a state of readiness, keeping the safety of its people of the utmost importance. With this, France should expect to see patrols by the armed forces in public spaces such as train stations, airports, and religious sites.

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