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Meesons Rev 190 Revolving Door is first in the world to achieve LPS 1175

We’re proud to share that Meesons Rev 190 Revolving Door is the first in the world to achieve LPS 1175 certification. LPS 1175, or to give it its full reference – Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175: Issue 7.3, is an important security standard.  The standard relates to requirements and testing procedures for the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval and listing of intruder-resistant building components, strong points, security enclosures and free-standing barriers. 

LPS 1175 covers a broad range of physical security products and services, including, for the first time, Security Portals. In fact, our C190-S1 to S3 Cylindrical Security Portals are the first in the world to gain approval to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175: Issue 7 Security Ratings 1 to 3. 

Meesons accepts LPS1175 certificate.

Specifying LPS 1175 Products

Specifying products that are approved to LPCB’s LPS 1175 is a requirement on projects in many different sectors including education, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, the public sector, residential, retail and utilities. 

Until now, those specifying physical security products often had to make compromises between safeguarding building occupants and retaining the aesthetics of the entrance area. That’s because they really only had two choices: 

  1. Specify a low-level security solution that looked aesthetically pleasing, such as a revolving door. However, these aren’t designed to resist a forced entry attempt and wouldn’t meet LPS 1175. 
  2. Specify an LPS 1175 approved doorset that creates a robust physical entrance barrier but won’t prevent tailgating – this is where someone simply follows the person in front to gain unauthorised access. In addition, they usually have minimal glazing, making them look very austere. 

Neither of these solutions was ideal. However, that all changed when our C190-S1 to S3 Cylindrical Security Portals achieved LPS 1175 SR1, SR2 & SR3 approval. Not only are they now an approved glazed entrance solution but they are aesthetically pleasing, meaning they are suitable for prestigious entranceways as well as preventing tailgating and being suitable for wheelchair users. That makes them a great alternative to revolving doors. 

The C190-S1 to S3 Security Portals incorporate large glazed areas and minimal framework to offer high transparency, again enhancing their aesthetic appeal. That makes them suitable for architects looking for style yet requiring a secure solution (the LPS 1175 certification provides architects with the confidence to specify the C190-S1, S2 & S3 Security Portal). It means that security specifiers no longer have to make a compromise between aesthetics and preventing unauthorised and/or forced entry. 

C190 Door in London 1 Data Centre.

LPS 1175 Testing

LPS 1175 testing is carried out by BRE, using the test formulated by the LPCB, an organisation that has extensive input from the government, the insurance industry and police forces. Within the LPS 1175 certification standard, there are a number of different ratings associated to the level of security provided by the approved products. For instance, our C190 Cylindrical Security Portals have achieved a Security Rating of SR1, SR2 and SR3, with SR3 products providing moderate resistance to determined attempts of forced entry using a range of techniques including those that involve the creation of noise. It’s also worth bearing in mind that our SR3-approved C190 S3 Security Portal incorporates bullet-resistant glazing – BR3/S EN1063. 

As part of the LPS1175 certification, BRE audit the manufacturing process and carry out regular surveillance audits to ensure that LPS 1175-approved products continue to deliver the certified levels of performance. This leads to far greater levels of certainty of product conformity and assurance that each product meets the approved levels of attack resistance. 

In addition to withstanding forced entry to LPS 1175, our C190-S1 to S3 Cylindrical Security Portals prevent tailgating, which is where a person follows closely behind the person in front without presenting a valid ID or security tag. Furthermore, the C190 provides 24/7 secure controlled access with a spacious 1200mm wide cabin entrance, suitable for wheelchair access, along with options to configure the portal to enable different transit modes day or night. Being suitable for wheelchair access makes it a great alternative to revolving doors. 

Once LPCB was satisfied that our C190-S1 to S3 Security Portals had met the required standard via the tests carried out by BRE, the range was included in the LPCB’s RedBook. The LPCB RedBook is an important reference for anyone involved in the selection of security products, including specifiers, regulators, designers and end users. The fact that they are now listed in the RedBook is another independent verification that they will deliver and will continue to deliver the performance expected. LPCB is the approval brand that BRE Global operates for fire and security products and services. 


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