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Preventing Tailgating with Double Verification Methods

Preventing Tailgating with Double Verification Methods


  • Another layer of security was identified as needed.
  • Required protection from tailgating to sensitive information.


  • Attended site to develop a solution.
  • Proposed the FPJ140 2S to stop tailgating.

Headquartered in London, vXtreme is a leading Private Cloud Managed Service Provider that has 7 global data centre locations. Having built up 2 years’ experience, vXtreme’s services are relied upon by international companies, businesses of all sizes, and creative professionals. In order to protect their vast clientele’s data and hardware, a multi-layered security approach has been put in place featuring 24/7 on-site security, high-definition CCTV cameras, and biometric security approved by the NPSA (National Protective Security Authority). 


Due to the ISO27001 certification that vXtreme holds, they are committed to continuous improvement and risk management; therefore, a further layer of security was identified as needed for their data hall. This further layer of security had the challenge of preventing tailgating into the data hall to ensure access could be controlled and monitored. The solution would also need to integrate with vXtreme’s new biometric system to enable fingerprint recognition entry. As well as this, the space within the data hall needed to be preserved so that further expansion could happen in the future with the data centre’s planned growth.  


To gather a good understanding of what vxtreme’s challenges were, Meesons visited the site to gather a good perspective. With this, the FPJ140 2S Security Portal was proposed as a suitable solution. Since this product offers a high level of security, it helped overcome the risk of tailgating with the 2-zone pressure mat that provides a second level of verification, ensuring only one person is present in the portal at once. On top of anti-tailgating, the FPJ140 2S pressure mat is also capable of detecting hardware being removed from the secure zone. In order to overcome the challenge of connecting the solution with vXtreme’s biometric system, the FPJ140 2S was integrated with the building’s access control system alongside a new biometric reader to give full visibility of transits in and out of the data hall. Finally, to preserve the space in the data hall, Meesons arranged for the security portal to be delivered in kit format and assembled onsite by our technicians to avoid disrution to the space as much as possible. With stainless steel cladding, vXtreme wanted to achieve a premium look that would complement the surrounding environment. 


With the FPJ140 2S Security Portal in place at vXtreme, it proves as an effective security solution that prevents tailgating. It has created a secure line to the data hall and works well with the access control system that the data centre uses. With stainless steel cladding, we helped vXtreme achieve a premium look that complements the surrounding environment. 

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