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Protecting people at the home of Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre

Protecting people at the home of Shakespeare’s Curtain Theatre


  • Customer required an anti-tailgating solution for new fitout.
  • Mixed-use development required intruder prevention.


  • Supplied speed gates with tailgating detection.
  • Speed Gates prevent unauthorised access into the building.

The grade A office space, The Bard, in Shoreditch is part of a remarkable mixed-use development that seamlessly combines residential, commercial, and cultural elements. The Bard’s construction began in 2016 after experts from MoLA (Museum of London Archaeology) found remains of Shakespeare’s original wooden O stage and two sections of an exterior wall. With this, the opportunity arose to develop the area into a public open space with mixed offices, retail and residential apartments. This scheme became The Stage, where The Bard building was built. Offering an exceptional business experience, The Bard is an ideal location for those who want to be in London’s creative and technology centre. With excellent travel links due to being just minutes from Liverpool Street Zone 1 underground, over ground and Crossrail station, The Bard offers an array of high-speed connections across the capital. Designed by award-winning architects Perkins and Will, the building provides over 110,000 sq ft workspace.


With various public access routes and private offices making up The Stage, the extensive fitout had to include suitable security on The Bard offices to prevent unauthorised people from entering the building.

Due to the nature of the project being a fit-out, it was key that the security solution wouldn’t interfere with other contractors carrying out work. As well as this, the client faced the challenge of finding a solution that would complement the stylish and contemporary office space.


To overcome the client’s challenges against unauthorised access into The Bard, Meesons proposed the stylish EasyGate SPD-R Speed Gates to protect the space. For further security enhancement, cantilever barrier work was used to create a secure line between the building’s reception and the lift lobby, preventing anyone from gaining access without authorisation. Additionally, a gravity-based card collector was integrated into the cabinets to ensure visitors leave their access passes behind thus preventing them from re-entering without authorisation. As well as this, the card collector mitigates the risk of a lost card being misused.

To combat the challenge that is often faced in fit-outs with multiple contractors on site, Meesons installed subfloor base plates. This meant that the speed gate’s cabinets could be installed later in the fitout to preserve space for others to work around.

Another challenge the client faced was finding a solution that would complement the rest of the fit-out reception area. With this, Meesons guided them to the black stainless steel RAL finish to blend well with the brassy-toned wall panelling. On top of this, the client chose to have dual wing lanes for a more balanced aesthetic look that also makes for a more comfortable and spacious passage for users.

Easygate SPD-R Speedgate
Easygate SPD-R


Having the EasyGate SPD-R Speed Gates in place at The Bard’s reception has made a beautiful addition to the extremely stylish reception. The first impression encapsulated by the building users is formed as soon as they step in, and with the sophisticated secure line, they’re made to feel welcome and safe.

Having the cantilever barrier work recessed into the floor meant that Meesons could help them achieve a completely sleek finish. To help the building managers, a touch button panel was also provided, meaning the speed gates could be controlled remotely, making for a seamless experience for both building staff and their customers. And, with The Stage’s continuous efforts to be eco-friendly, the EasyGate SPD-R Speed Gates in The Bard’s reception have made an excellent choice due to their low power consumption that can help contribute to being energy efficient.


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