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Stylish Security to Suit a Modern Office Space

Stylish Security to Suit a Modern Office Space


  • The building needed a controlled access point.
  • Security solution both robust and stylish required.


  • Speed gates enabled authorised and smooth access.
  • Choice of Black RAL to match aesthetics.

Two New Bailey has a prominent position in the New Bailey scheme which forms a key part of Salford’s city-wide regeneration. The contemporary office space comprises of 188,500 sq ft and has achieved a BREEAM Excellent rating. Not only this, but the building also has a private outdoor terrace on each floor, as well as many other amenities.


Architects from Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) were set the challenge of designing an innovative workplace environment that offers flexible working while balancing the characteristics of a high-quality, sustainable office building. It was anticipated that there would be a high flow of people coming in and out of the building; therefore a safe entrance solution was needed to help control the throughput and security.


With Meesons high specification product, the EasyGate SPD Speed Gates made the perfect solution to Two New Bailey’s anticipated challenges within the reception area. Four lanes were installed, consisting of three standard-width lanes and one wide access lane. The speed gates quick opening and closing glass wing barriers that allow a transit of up to 40 people per minute, per lane, meant that overcrowding would be prevented, thus creating a smooth flow of people entering. To further help the issue of overcrowding, each speed gate lane was integrated with lift call displays to instruct the users of which lift they should take. Additionally, they also feature lane guidance lights to inform the user of the speed gates’ status.

While the robustness of the EasyGate SPD Speed Gates was essential, it was also crucial to have a stylish design. The client opted for a black RAL to match the aesthetics of the lift lobby and reception. They was also the perfect choice for Two New Bailey due to their desire to achieve Excellent with BREEAM, and so the lower power consumption.


Two New Bailey was left with a safe and secure physical security solution that helped control the flow of people within the building. It now can operate without overcrowding, and provides beautiful office space for its tenants.

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