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Achieving a Security Upgrade with Minimal Disruption

Achieving a Security Upgrade with Minimal Disruption


  • Existing solution no longer offered sufficient security.
  • Building would remain fully operational during refurbishment.


  • Various solutions used to accommodate building users.
  • Logistics were adjusted to minimise the disruption.

Located in London’s Westminster, the office is made up of 66,000 square foot of space. It serves as a hub for several government departments, and over the last few years has been undergoing a large refurbishment.


Following a review of the building’s security, it was discovered that the existing speed gates were no longer offering the required level of security. The client then faced the challenge of finding suitable security measures for the government hub while ensuring that the building could remain fully operational during the programme so that it had minimal impact on the other building users. It was essential that the refurbishment left the client with a secure line that provided a resistance to attack with tailgating detection, whilst enabling the required throughput.


Meesons created the secure line in the reception area by installing twelve small Security Portals, three large Security Portals along with surrounding ballistic rated glazing and framework that provided the required level of security and throughput for authorised users. By allowing for 24/7 operation, the Security Portals added another layer of security for the client. A tiger trap interlock was also supplied and installed to cater for large delegations of visitors and VIPs to access the building as required.

Since the building remained fully operational and our work was within the reception area, phased deliveries of products were carried out to enable all contractors to work in the restricted space. And due to the office being located in Central London with only pedestrian walkway access, the deliveries had to be made in the early hours of the morning.

In order to overcome the challenge of the building remaining operational, Meesons loaned the client five lanes of EasyGate SG Speed Gates on ramps to provide anti-tailgating detection for the interim staff entrance to the side of the building while the security upgrade was being carried out.

Government Approved Combination Portal
Classic Square Portals


Once completed, the security was sufficient for the office upgrade’s threat level. With an on-site technical presence provided, a smooth transition from the old reception turnstiles to the new security portals was able to happen by educating the building users on their operation.

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