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E1G Classic Portal

  • NPSA

Our High-Security Door range includes the E1G High-Security Portal, one of only two designs approved for government use by the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA), formerly CPNI.

Meesons Classic Portals offer a timeless solution for securing your premises. Their square design, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, allows them to seamlessly integrate with any architectural style, whether a modern office space, data hall or government building. With their intuitive access control and advanced security features, Meesons Classic Portals offer a comprehensive security solution for any environment. Whether you require a single portal for a restricted area or a dual portal for a high-traffic entrance, Meesons has the perfect solution to safeguard your premises.

  • Anti-Tailgating
  • Connectivity
  • High-Security
  • Low Throughput
  • Touchless

Standards & Certifications

  • Approved for Government use with NPSA
  • FB4/NS EN 1522 Metal Structure

Standard Feature
External Width x Depth 995mm x 995mm
Internal Diameter 820mm
Entrance Width 600mm
Internal Height 2030mm – 2360mm


Safety and Security
Safety Features Anti-slip Floor mat
Emergency unlocking device
Fail secure
IR safety sensors
Internal LED light
Fire alarm signal
Rescue push button
Emergency battery back-up
Emergency Emergency lever, handle or crank
Security Ratings FB4/NS EN 1522 Metal Structure
NPSA Approved Y
Detection Infrared presence sensors
APD – Anti Piggybacking Device
Connectivity Intercom (included in the traffic light)
LED Traffic lights
Control Service Mode Keyswitch (secure side) or Console (hard-wired)
Additional Information
Versions Available Pre-built version with 70mm base (Ext. Height: 2360mm)
Kit version with 70mm base (Ext. Height: 2360mm)
Design RAL colour
(sliding door frames RAL 9005 – black)


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Overcoming Varying Threats with a Layered Security Approach

“The Meesons main entrance airlocked door, and the security biometric portals have been a great addition to the London 1 site.”

Michael Noonan, Data Centre Manager

Since 1998, our partnership with Alluser has created a unique market for high-security portals, making record-breaking achievements together. We couldn’t be more grateful for Allusers expertise in this field and for helping us overcome the security challenges that our customers face.