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Enhanced Entrance Control in Refurbished Government Hub

Enhanced Entrance Control in Refurbished Government Hub


  • Vast amounts of people entering brings risks.
  • A large number of contractors on-site.


  • Securing the entrances for greater access control.
  • Minimised disruption with separate installation phases.

The modern New Waverley Grade A offices are situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town, forming part of the World Heritage Zone. Offering 250,000 square feet of space, the office serves as a government hub, housing nearly 3000 civil servants from 11 different departments.


With a large amount of employees and visitors needed access to New Waverley’s offices every day for different purposes, it was key for the client to have something in place that could control the flow of authorised users getting in and out. And, with this being a large project, the client faced having multiple contractors on-site while the refurbishment took place, so was keen to reduce disruption where possible.


Meesons was able to help the client overcome their challenges for this project due to experience working on seven regional government hubs previous to New Waverley. When securing the entrances, EasyGate SPT Speed Gates were placed in two levels in the building. Ten lanes of speed gates were required to provide sufficient security, with eight standard width lanes, and two EA compliant wide access lanes for wheelchair access. This solution also featured 1500mm high glass wings in order to prevent attempts of climbing over while acting as a deterrent to intruders.

To assist with the flow of a high volume of people using the speed gates, the EasyGate SPT was ideal since it has the ability to allow 40 people through per minute. Alongside this, the solution has a holding force of 650N, reducing the risk of the wings from being forced open by intruders.

The client required the speed gates to be controlled centrally to enable reception staff to operate the speed gates if needed. By installing an EasyTouch Control Panel at the reception desk, Meesons could deliver on this for the client. To enhance the user experience of the speed gates even further, LED Edge Lights were incorporated to the speed gate cabinets, ensuring staff could quickly identify the status of each lane.

Easygate SPT-G Speedgate


It was key for the client that New Waverley had a system in place to cope with their high volume of staff and visitors coming in and out safely. With the EasyGate SPT Speed Gates, Meesons were able to provide this for the building. When it came to installation, the solution was installed over two separate phases to reduce the disruption for the client.

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