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Integrating with Access Control for Excellent User-Experiences

Integrating with Access Control for Excellent User-Experiences


  • Physical security needed to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Entrance systems required high level of authentication.


  • Meesons provided speed gates, bike portals, and full height turnstiles to secure various areas on the site.
  • Forty-eight biometric towers were installed on the speed gates to provide a consistent look across the building, each supplied with QR readers as an alternative method of authentication.

Landmark London Development is a state-of-the-art office building in the heart of the City of London working as the new European Headquarters for an international financial organisation. The 10-storey office building was the largest fitout in 2019, housing up to 6000 members of staff with more than one million square feet of space. What’s more, this unique building offers a variety of amenities to its users, including auditorium and conference centre, health centre, a nursery and playcentre, a fully equipped gym, therapy rooms for sports massages and resting rooms. 


Due to the large scale of this project, the client needed to secure several entrances to the building, including the main reception, a gym and childcare centre, a cycle parking entrance and a contractors entrance. While preventing unauthorised access to the building was crucial, the solution needed to complement the architectural intent and provide the smooth flow of authorised users passing through the prestigious building.  


Meesons worked closely with the project team over a 5-year period, including the trialling of demonstration units at one of the existing offices. After a thorough analysis of what was needed, 17 lanes of EasyGate Elite dual wing speed gates were opted for across the two main entrances to facilitate a high number of daily transits. The design of the Elite Speed Gates with stainless steel construction and slim cabinet made this the ideal solution in terms of aesthetics. At the clients request, the ability to override the speed gates to enable free passage of VIP guests was implemented with the integration of remote key fobs provided to the onsite concierge security. As well as this, Meesons worked closely with the client and IDEMIA (MorphoWave) to design the bespoke tower to house the compact contactless biometric reader. Forty-eight biometric towers were installed to provide a consistent look across the different entrances, each supplied with QR readers as an alternative method of authentication. 

To secure the cycle parking entrance, Meesons provided the perfect solution that is the FPJ140 2HP Bike Portal. It has a spacious design to ensure a comfortable transit for bike users that accommodates to people with or without a bike, ensuring only those authorised can gain access to the cycle parking. To cope with the high numbers of staff using the cycle parking area, 3 Bike Portals were installs, along with surrounding glazed infill to create a secure line.

In order to control employee access to the gym and childcare centre, 2 wide-access lanes of EasyGate SG 1000 Speed Gates were installed along with an EasyTouch control panel to allow staff at the Wellness Centre to override the Speed Gates when required.

At the permanent contractor’s entrance, an unmanned access solution was required. A Full Height Turnstile and dual-wing Pass Gate was installed, ensuring only registered contractors could gain access. For the duration of the project, Meesons worked closely with the client to ensure the entrance control solutions were configured to their exact specifications to meet their security needs.


Due to the scale of the project and with a large number of contractors working on site the installation was phased in line with the overall program of works. London Landmark Development has been left with a range of innovative security products to provide optimum security that is easily navigated by building users.  Further support is now provided with an out-of-hours service contract to ensure the units continue to operate with optimum efficiency.

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