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Easygate SG & SR

The Meesons EasyGate SG and SR are compact speed gates and high-throughput security solutions perfect for spaces restricted by size, such as corridors and small offices. They have a customisable finish and adjustable opening/closing speeds with extended lanes, providing enhanced tailgating detection for greater security.

The Compact Speed Gate

Due to their small footprint, Meesons EasyGate SG and SR are a perfect compact speed gate solution to secure areas with limited space, including corridors and small offices. Collaboration on the EasyGate SG and SR Speed Gates is limitless and has a fully customisable finish, allowing you to take control of the security in your building. The innovative adjustable opening and closing speeds mean you can set the speed gates according to the building’s throughput. Meesons EasyGate SG and SR small speed gates have extended lanes for enhanced tailgating detection, ensuring greater security. 

Speed gates are now common and popular additions to busy workplaces and public areas where safety and security are a concern. The Easygate SG and SR provide excellent support to guards and staff whose responsibility is to control access to secure areas. They are designed to provide ease of use, integration, and flexibility with various access control systems and technologies.

  • Anti-Tailgating
  • Connectivity
  • High Throughput
  • Medium-Security
  • Wheelchair Access

Benefits to your business

  • Tailgating Detection
  • Crossover Detection
  • Climb over detection
  • MCBF 5 million
  • Space-saving security
  • Access control integration
  • VMS collaboration
  • User-friendly access
  • Comply with European safety standards
Standard Features Options
Cabinet Height 990mm
Cabinet Length 1000mm
Cabinet Width 120mm
Barrier Height 835mm
1 Wing Passage Width Standard 550mm, Max 550mm
2 Wing Passage Width Max 1000mm
Power Supply 230V AC
Range of Operating Temperature +10°C to +50°C, -25°C to +50°C with heating module
Communication Interface RS-485/ USB/ Ethernet
Operating Environment Indoor
Control Panel EasyTouch Control Panel, Touch Panel, TMON
Safety and Security
Sensors 24 Pairs
Detection Tailgating, cross over and climb over detection
Emergency Mode Open manually or automatically
Brake Control Function x
MCBF 5,000,000 cycles (Based on recommended maintenance schedule)
Materials and Design
Wings Glass Wing (10mm, tempered)
Base and Housing Brushed Stainless Steel RAL powder coated steel, Black/ Gold/ Bronze Stainless Steel
Top Lid Black Glass Panel Bespoke top lid
Cabinet Design Rounded ends Corian, Stone, Wood
Access Control Integrated 3rd party terminals – lift controller/ ticket readers/ biometrics
Visitor Management Integrated visitor card collector
Access Control EasyScan
Lift Call Destination x

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Greater Access Control Meets Luxury Security Aesthetics

“I have been impressed with the delivery team’s performance on The Lincoln project. It was great to help a client in need of our low footprint speed lanes.”

John Gregory

Meesons Senior Business Manager


For the last 15 years, we have been working alongside Cominfo to provide innovative and stylish security products for our array of clientele. Our partnership with Cominfo has been crucial to the success of our business, and we’re beyond proud of what we have accomplished with their knowledge to guide us.