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Greater Access Control Meets Luxury Security Aesthetics

Greater Access Control Meets Luxury Security Aesthetics


  • Required sufficient access control within the reception.
  • Access control that didn’t compromise on aesthetics.


  • Speed Gates within reception to restrict access.
  • Complementary slim and stylish choice of Speed Gates.

The Lincoln, in Manchester, sits in the heart of Manchester’s Central Business District. With six storeys consisting of 102,000 sq ft of office space, the new building aimed for Grade A status. Achieving an excellent BREEAM rating, The Lincoln opened its doors to tenants in the summer of 2021.


The client had a specific requirement to create a secure line connecting the lift lobby to the main building. The purpose of this line was to allow the staff at the reception to have remote control over it. The client was very particular about the design of the speed gates, as they needed to complement the luxurious look of The Lincoln. The gates had to be aesthetically pleasing and blend in seamlessly with the overall design of the building. The client wanted to ensure that the gates would provide security and enhance the guests’ overall experience.


Three lanes of SG1000 Speed Gates were identified as a suitable solution alongside a Pass Gate at the main reception desk to create a seamless entry to the building for those authorised. To provide remote control access, a touch control panel was installed at the reception desk to control the lanes and pass gate and to complete the secure line, a glass balustrade was put in. By finishing the speed gates in a Black RAL powder coating, the speed gates blended in with The Lincoln’s stylish aesthetics.

Easygate SG Speedgate


Once opened, The Lincoln provided various amenities, including a well-being suite and rooftop garden terrace. This contemporary office space welcomes staff and visitors with its state-of-the-art aesthetics while using visual deterrents and physical security to keep the building safe from unauthorised access.

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