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Adapting Swift Security for Different Entrances

Adapting Swift Security for Different Entrances


  • Provide appropriate security for a multi-purpose building. 
  • Control throughput of people in various areas. 


  • Supplied speed gates to prevent unauthorised access in different areas of the building. 
  •  Quick opening solution to reduce crowding in busy areas.  

Situated in Manchester’s innovation district, No.2 Circle Square can be found among an array of retail and leisure, green spaces, and residential areas. Being just minutes’ walk from Piccadilly train station, the Metrolink interchange, and Oxford Road Station, the building’s excellent transport links make it the ultimate destination for thriving workplaces.  

Within the building, there’s a wide mix of flexible space suitable for meetings or events, including the ground floor that can hold 350 people alongside a 150-person conference space. The 230,000 sq ft of space is completely utilised, with a unique selling point to tenants being the large breakout areas, which can be rare in city locations.  


Bridge Architects, who were appointed the task of designing Circle Square by Commercial Property Specialists, Bruntwood SciTech, approached Meesons with the challenge of securing this large office space that would protect the multi-purpose space. Additionally, with this being such a busy space, it was crucial for a solution to be put in place that would prevent crowding.   


Once specified for this project, Meesons advised Bridge Architects to put the EasyGate SG Speed Gates in place at both the ground floor reception and mezzanine level. Having them installed at two separate areas ensured greater entrance control as only those authorised could access the restricted areas. This was achieved with integrated QR scanners, meaning people can simply scan their verification and gain entry, if authorised. Due to No.2 Circle Square being a multi-purpose building, this integration works perfectly to manage which areas people can enter, avoiding people accessing restricted spaces.  

Being in the thriving innovation district within Manchester, it was key to cater No.2 Circle Square’s security to be able to handle a high throughput of people. What’s more, with the building’s events and conference space holding hundreds of people, the solution in place needed to be able to able prevent overcrowding. The EasyGate SG Speed Gates are able to do this with their adjustable opening and closing speeds that can be controlled by the building staff to suit the needs of the building.  

Easygate SG Speedgate


Number Two Circle Square has now been left with swift security that adapts to both entrances. The stainless-steel industrial look of the speed gates contributes to the industrial design of the space without drawing attention away from the unique living walls. And, with control over the opening and closing speeds, the solution adapts to the building’s needs when necessary. 


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