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E4 Classic Double Portal

The E4 Classic Double Security Portal is a double-entry system for high-traffic areas that prevents doors from opening simultaneously. Its independent door operation increases throughput while ensuring secure access for authorised users.

The E4 Classic Double Security Portal is an advanced security system designed for areas with high foot traffic. Its double-entry structure ensures the utmost security by preventing the inner and outer doors from opening at the same time. This precise interlocking mechanism guarantees that only authorised personnel can access restricted areas.

The double portal’s independent door operation allows for increased throughput while maintaining the highest level of security. Overall, the E4 is an ideal solution for businesses and organisations that prioritise the safety and security of their premises without compromising on user experiences.

  • Anti-Vandal
  • Connectivity
  • Customisable
  • High Throughput
  • High-Security
  • Touchless

Standards & Certifications

  • FB2/NS EN 1522 Top Canopy
  • FB4/NS EN 1522 Metal Structure
  • Vandal Resistant glass P2A-EN 356

Standard Feature Option
External Width x Depth 1750mm x 995mm
Internal Diameter 820mm
Entrance Width 600mm
Internal Height 2048mm – 2050mm
External Height S – 2382mm R – 2320mm
Safety and Security
Safety Features Anti-slip Floor mat
Emergency unlocking device
Fail secure
IR safety sensors
Internal LED light
Fire alarm signal
Emergency Emergency lever, handle or crank Additional Internal Emergency Lever | Additional External Emergency Lever
Security Ratings FB2/NS EN 1522 Top Canopy
FB4/NS EN 1522 Metal Structure
Vandal Resistant Glass P2A-EN 356 P4A-EN 356 | P6B-EN 356 | P7B-EN 356
Bullet Resistant Glass BR3-EN 1063 | BR4-EN 1063
Detection Infrared presence sensors APD – Anti Piggybacking Device | Pressure Mat | 2 Zone Pressure Mat | Metal detection control | Reed door position tamper sensor
Connectivity Intercom (included in the traffic light)
LED Traffic lights
Web LAN Control | Internal Alcove for Access Control Systems
Control Service mode keyswitch or Multi-function control panel Additional Control Panel with Display | Emergency Exit Control Panel | 4” TFT monitor for Control Panel | Night Lock
Additional Information
Version S: Welded portal structure with 70mm floor base – (recessed or surface mounted) R: Rail floor guide 12mm base – (surface mounted installation only)
K: Portal delivered in sections to be assembled at the installation site.
Extended Height Version
Design RAL colour
(sliding door frames RAL 9005 – black)
Polished steel | Brushed steel | Aluminium | RAL pearl colours


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Achieving a Security Upgrade with Minimal Disruption

“The security phase of the project was delivered on time and with minimal disruption, resulting in a smooth transition to the new security measures.”

Martin Washby, Meesons Head of Technical Services

Since 1998, our partnership with Alluser has created a unique market for high-security portals, making record-breaking achievements together. We couldn’t be more grateful for Allusers expertise in this field and for helping us overcome the security challenges that our customers face.