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Overcoming Varying Threats with a Layered Security Approach

Overcoming Varying Threats with a Layered Security Approach


  • Various areas required different solutions.
  • The client needed protection against physical attack.


  • Various products were used to mitigate risks.
  • First layer protected with facade security.

London 1 Data Center has been in operation since December 2020, providing a critical IT load of 32MW. Located in Dagenham, it takes up 25,600m2 of data centre server space. It joins the existing data centres that the client currently operates in Hemel Hempstead and Slough.


As one of the UK’s largest data centres, the client had the issue of needing to secure the building from intruders with a range of entrance solutions. With several areas that were at risk, the client required multiple ways of protecting the data centre from physical attack while managing its high throughput.


Following an initial site visit with the project team, Meesons were able to gain a greater understanding of the project requirements. With the visit, it was found that the guardhouse on the perimeter of the data centre was built to enable pedestrian access to site. This meant that within the guardhouse, Speed Gates needed to be put in place to control access any further. Meesons installed three lanes of EasyGate SPD-G Speed Gates as they’re able to cope with high throughput due to the advanced motor technology they hold that allows a transit of up to 40 people per minute, per lane. These Speed Gates also have a high holding force, preventing wings from being forced open by unauthorised users.

Meesons added an additional layer of security to the building at the façade with a Security Portal, enabling 24/7 controlled access. The advice given was to opt for the C190 Security Portal, certified to LPS 1175 Issue 8 as this meets a proven level of resistance to physical attack. Also, with a 1200mm wide opening, the inclusive entrance was suitable for wheelchair users. Due to the Security Portals’ location on the façade of the building, a weather resistant canopy was required to provide additional protection from the elements.

Within the data centre an additional layer of security was specified to prevent unauthorised users from accessing the data halls therefore Meesons installed four E1G Security Portals to create a secure line to the data hall entrance. The E1G Security Portals were chosen due to their high-security rating, having been approved for UK Government use by NSPA (National Protective Security Authority). To allow for full visibility of transits within the data hall, each portal was integrated with the building’s access control system and the client’s preferred biometric readers which were located within the portal. To prevent unauthorised users tailgating begind an authorised member of staff, each Security Portal was fitted with ultrasonic anti-tailgating sensors and an IP-rated 2-zone pressure mat to provide dual verification, ensuring only one user was present for each transit and that hardware could not be removed from the secure zone.

Classic Square Portals
E1G Security Portal


Due to the scale of this project, the installation of speed gates and security portals were carried out in multiple phases in line with the clients’ program of works. The Speed Gates and third-party certified Security Portals used on London 1 Data Center have increased the level of security and delay at each of the layers, helping create a highly secure site.

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