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Confidential Government Project

Learn about our High-Security Government Project phase 1 completion with our blog post.

We’re proud to be a part of a completed phase one, highly confidential government project totalling £13m that has been underway over the last year. Ensuring that the workplace was designed to the client’s exact specifications, they opted for a Cat B fit-out. Within the final designs, Meesons physical security solutions were chosen to provide safety and protection to staff, visitors, and assets. 

High Level Security for a Confidential Government Project

This key confidential government client requires the utmost safety and security throughout their facilities. While the design and interior are essential to building an excellent working environment, preventing, deterring, and protecting against intruders is the top priority. Altogether, the construction is fitted with 12 security portals, including an E3G Security Portal, E4G Security Portal, and E1G Security Portals on each floor.

What do the different products do?

  • E3G Security Portal: designed for a larger space that has a high flow of people entering and exiting.
  • E4G Security Portal: built with a double entry that has individual door operation so that only authorised users can get through.
  • E1G Security Portal: a more compact design that blends in with the building.

Government Project Security Portals for Total Protection

These products chosen were specified due to the high level of security they provide for this client that is of high threat to criminal activity. For example, the E4G Security Portal has a mantrap interlock system that provides powerful security.

Additionally, both the E3G and the E4G installed match the specification as the approved unit, ensuring the end-user is kept protected and happy with the end result. As well as this, the E1G Security Portal is ideal for this development due to it being NPSA approved, meaning that it is approved by the UK government’s National Technical Authority for physical and personnel protective security.

Secured by Design Approved Product

The E1G Security Portal has been approved by Secured By Design, which is a well-established standard for security products and is a police-preferred specification

“Meesons continually produce a wide range of security rated products which can be utilised across a number of applications, from portals and turnstiles to HVM measures and I know that they will continue to develop and expand their extensive Police Preferred Specification range even further.”

Alfie Hosker, Technical Manager at Secured by Design

Security Specialists for a High Scale Confidential Government Project

With a project that requires such leading security, we were able to supply the building with the correct security to protect its staff, visitors, and façade. Ultimately, the end-user needs to not only be kept safe with physical security but also feel safe within the facilities and with our accredited products, they’re provided with a sense of calm and reassurance.  
Once again, our security experts are able to secure a building that needed the utmost protection in place. We look forward to seeing the results of the upcoming phase 2 that will begin this month, November 2022.  

Let us help you prevent unauthorised access.