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Redefining people’s confidence in cycling to work.

Cycling to work has endless benefits, including promoting health and well-being and reducing lateness by avoiding traffic jams, so it seems the apparent transportation choice.

However, how can commuters feel confident that their possessions will be kept safe when only last year, the total number of bikes stolen reached 77,201 in England?

Redefining confidence

Cycling to work can be seen as a risk. From having your bike or certain expensive parts stolen to insufficient bike storage and, therefore, having to find alternative parking that isn’t convenient or safe, these factors can deter even the most enthusiastic cyclists. However, this feeling of unease associated with cycling to work can be resolved by regaining confidence in security measures to overcome these issues.

Despite the risks surrounding cycling to work, gaining your people’s trust in your ability to protect their possessions is possible. For example, well-lit cycle parking facilities with CCTV reassure your people that, if a bike is stolen, they will have evidence when reporting it to police.

However, more than this security measure is needed. In 2022, 90% of bike thefts reported in England went unsolved; therefore, while CCTV deters thieves and enhances the likelihood of being caught, the problem remains apparent.


Combining CCTV with other layered security measures is critical to crafting a secure home for bikes. Every element should collaborate to discourage, slow down, and stop potential break-ins.

The entrance of a bike storage area is critical to keep it secure. It is a powerful tool in deterring thieves in the first instance while providing physical prevention. Meesons EasyGate SPT Bike Speed Gate is a visual deterrent and a robust solution to delay forced entry. With its combination of bike and user detection integrated, it ensures glass wings remain open until your passage is complete, preventing tailgating attempts.

Alongside this, another crucial layer is smart access control. For example, advanced facial analytics can pair people to their bikes, ensuring someone cannot leave with a bike that is not theirs.

Innovative layers like this give you total activity transparency, helping you manage the secure area efficiently.

E-Bike Protection

With e-bike sales continuously growing, how can workplaces accommodate them?

In general, e-bikes are more expensive than regular bikes, so it is increasingly essential that workplaces secure them. This must be considered when creating a protected bicycle space, as peace of mind regarding an expensive possession is vital to keeping staff happy and productive.

A solution such as Meesons EasyGate SPT Bike Speed Gate offers added security for e-bike parking areas due to its 650N holding force and high glass wings. Both features significantly delay break-ins, while their strong appearance can discourage opportunist thieves.

Assessing how layers of security can be implemented, adapted, or even improved to suit the risk level associated with e-bikes is essential to get right. Doing so can prevent bike theft and lessen the implications of stolen items.

A Market Demand

Since the COVID pandemic, the number of people cycling to work has increased by 29%, with no significant decline. This demonstrates the high demand for cycling and the importance of having a secure bike infrastructure at the workplace.

6 Cycling to work benefits for a commuter:

  1. Possessions are kept safe.
  2. There is less chance of having to replace the bike.
  3. Reassures that the employer is taking precautions.
  4. If an incident occurs, there’s a higher chance of solving the case.
  5. Encourages cycling to work, thus promoting a healthier lifestyle.
  6. Reduces the cost of commuting.

6 Cycling to work benefits for a business:

  1. More people cycling can reduce lateness.
  2. More substantial reputation among staff.
  3. Appeal to come into the office.
  4. Requires less space than car parking areas.
  5. Healthier work culture.
  6. Minimises the impact on the company’s local and wider environment.

Securing End-of-Trip Facilities

Whether the workplace uses a stand, rack, locker, or enclosure for bike storage, ensuring its security is crucial. By safeguarding these areas, you guarantee tenants that their belongings are in good hands. A workplace that offers multiple layers of protection is more attractive, as it allows employees to pedal their way to work without worry.


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