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Creating a protected space for E-Bikes in the workplace.

In the UK, 1 in 20 people own an E-Bike, therefore the demand for workplaces to provide a safe place to store them is rapidly increasing.

Owning an e-bike is more than just an investment, its also a proud statement of someone’s dedication to their health and fitness. It demonstrates how well they are taking care of themselves as well as the environment by making an eco-friendly choice for travel. And, it is a convenient way to travel whereby you’re able to get to places quickly and avoid traffic jams.

Overall, e-bikes’ popularity has grown not only because of their convenience but also because of the flexibility offered by being in total control of your journey. With an e-bike, you can say goodbye to public transport and traffic and hello to freedom on the road.

Why workplaces should consider e-bike security

Given the multitude of reasons why e-bikes have become so popular, it’s clear that workplaces that accommodate them would make a building more appealing. However, in order to accommodate, suitable infrastructure needs to be designed for e-bikes and with this comes the security.

For example, suitable security layers would be necessary to prevent bike theft, including an entrance control solution, smart access control, and CCTV. By having this in place, you’re giving building users peace of mind that their items are being kept safe while forming a return on investment with potential added interest in a building for customers.

people cycling to work in London

Regular bikes vs e-bikes

While the security for regular bikes is absolutely necessary, there is a requirement for amplified security for e-bikes. Due to their higher value, e-bikes are three times more likely to be stolen than a regular bike. So how can security be improved for e-bikes?

3 ways to improve e-bike security

  1. Efficient visitor management system to log which bike belongs to who so people cannot leave with a bike that isn’t theirs.
  2. Physical security solutions at all entrances such as EasyGate SPT Bike Speed Gates that prevents tailgating into the secure area.
  3. Promote self-vigilance by encouraging the use of sturdy locks and protection of bike parts.

Protecting e-bike parts

Another key difference between e-bikes and regular bikes is the value of individual parts. With valuable batteries attached to e-bikes that can cost hundreds of pounds, they’re subject to be stolen. Therefore, when creating a protected space within a workplace for e-bikes, its essential to educate building users on the risks.

Aside from the promotion of locks, lockers could be provided to put the valuable items that come with e-bikes, including batteries, seats, helmets, and cycle wear.

Appealing to tenants with a protected e-bike space

Securing space for e-bikes is a huge appeal to tenants who are trying to encourage cycling to work. However, practical enhancement to the space is also vital to provide the ultimate end-of-trip facility.

3 practical ways to enhance the end-of-trip experience

  1. Male, female, and disabled showering facilities to provide a safe and comfortable area to freshen up once arriving at work.
  2. User-friendly accessibility to the cycle facilities.
  3. Lockers to store bike equipment, preventing people from having items such as helmets at their desk with them.
e-bike storage

Improving a protected space for an e-bike

With a combination of layered security, awareness among your people regarding e-bike theft, and making enhancements for the heightened risks that e-bikes face, a protected space for bikes can be created.

Security needs to be managed appropriately in order to protect bikes and in doing so it can become a desirable office space that caters to the rising demands of commuters and their unique challenges.


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