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EasyGate SPT Bike

The EasyGate SPT-Bike Speed Gate is an innovative bike protection solution to secure cycle park access. It allows verified users to enter the cycle parking area, whether they have a bike or not. Using a combination of user and bike detection, the gate ensures that the glass wings remain open until the passage is complete.

The EasyGate SPT-Bike Speed Gate is an innovative bike protection solution providing secure access to cycle parks. The SPT-Bike enables only verified users to gain access to the cycle parking area, with or without a bike.

A combination of user and bike detection ensures the glass wings remain open until the passage is complete, preventing tailgating attempts. The waist-height cabinets and transparent high glass wings provide a robust yet open feel to a cycle entrance.

  • Anti-Tailgating
  • Connectivity
  • High Throughput
  • Medium-Security
  • Touchless
  • Wheelchair Access

Benefits to your business

  • Climb over detection
  • MCBF 20 million
  • 650N holding force
  • Tailgating and cross-over detection
Easygate SPT Bike Standard Features Options
Cabinet Height 1000mm
Cabinet Length 2000mm
Cabinet Width 210mm
Barrier Height 1800mm
2 Wing Passage Width Standard 900mm, Max 1000mm
Power Supply 230V AC
Range of Operating Temperature 10°C to +50°C, -25°C to +50°C with heating module
Communication Interface RS-485/ USB/ Ethernet
Operating Environment Indoor
Control Panel EasyTouch, Touch panel, TMON control panel
Safety and Sensors
Sensors 36 Pairs
Detection Tailgating, cross over and climb over detection
Emergency Mode Open manually or automatically
Brake Control Function Hardened tooth lock brake, 650N holding force
MCBF 20,000,000 cycles (Based on recommended maintenance schedule)
Materials and Design
Wings Glass Wing (10mm, tempered) Glass manifestation
Base and Housing Brushed Stainless Steel RAL powder coated steel, Black/ Gold/ Bronze Stainless Steel
Top Lid Brushed Stainless Steel RAL powder coated steel
Cabinet Design Rounded and Squared Ends LED lane light, Passage light
Terminal Integration Integrated 3rd party terminals – lift controller/ ticket readers/ biometrics
Visitor Management Integrated visitor card collector
Access Control EasyScan

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SPT Outdoor Speedgate - Halesowen College

A Robust Outdoor Solution for Campus Perimeter Security

“The speed gates operate reliably and quickly, ensuring that students can gain safe access to the campus with virtually no delay.”

Halesowen College Operation Director


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