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FPJ140 2SX

  • NPSA

The FPJ140 2SX is a highly secure interlocking door approved for government use with the National Protective Security Authority, NPSA (formerly CPNI).

The FPJ140 2SX interlocking door system is highly secure and ensures that only authorised personnel can access your secure area. It is a half-portal designed to be installed flush with the existing wall or door opening. The 885mm wide door provides a spacious entrance while preventing unauthorised access. The FPJ140 2SX has been approved for use by the UK government. For further details, please get in touch with NPSA.

  • Anti-Tailgating
  • Connectivity
  • High-Security
  • Touchless

Standards & Certifications

  • NPSA Approved
  • FB4/NS EN 1522 Metal Structure
Standard Feature
External Width x Depth 1868mm x 1000mm
Internal Width x Depth x Height 1280mm x 920mm x 2030mm
Entrance Width 800mm
External Height 2365mm


Safety and Security
Safety Features Anti-slip Floor mat
Emergency crank
Fail secure
IR safety sensors
Internal LED light
Fire alarm signal
Rescue push button
Emergency Battery Back-up
Security Ratings FB4/NS EN 1522 Metal Structure
NPSA Approved Y
Detection Infrared presence sensors
APD – Anti Piggybacking Device
Connectivity Intercom (included in the traffic light) | LED Traffic lights
Control Service Mode Keyswitch (secure side) or Console (hard-wired)


Additional Information
Versions Available Pre-built version with 70mm base (Ext. Height: 2365mm)
Design RAL Powder Coated (sliding door frames RAL 9005 – black)


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Enhanced Entrance Control in Refurbished Government Hub

“The impressive multiple bank speed lane installation was a great win for Meesons that was instrumental in securing other regional offices.”

John Gregory, Meesons Senior Business Manager

Since 1998, our partnership with Alluser has created a unique market for high-security portals, making record-breaking achievements together. We couldn’t be more grateful for Allusers expertise in this field and for helping us overcome the security challenges that our customers face.