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Ponzi PG Revolving Door

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Meesons Classic Portals offer a timeless solution for securing your premises. Their square design, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic, allows them to seamlessly integrate with any architectural style, whether a modern office space, data hall or government building. With their intuitive access control and advanced security features, Meesons Classic Portals offer a comprehensive security solution for any environment. Whether you require a single portal for a restricted area or a dual portal for a high-traffic entrance, Meesons has the perfect solution to safeguard your premises.

Standards & Certifications

  • NPSA
  • LPS 1175
External Width/Depth 988mm
Internal Diameter 820mm
Entrance Width 600mm
Internal Height 2048 – 2050mm
External Height 2382mm S Version
2320mm R Version
Portal Weight per glass type
P2A 360Kg
P4A 390Kg
P6B & BR3 580Kg
Standard Features
Version S version: welded portal structure with 70mm floor base
(recessed or surface mounted)
Safety Features Anti-slip Floor mat
Emergency unlocking device
Fail secure
IR safety sensors
Internal LED light
Fire alarm signal
Security Ratings FB2/NS EN 1522 Top Canopy
FB4/NS EN 1522 Metal Structure
Glass Vandal Resistant glass P2A-EN 356
Control Service mode keyswitch or Multi-function control panel
Outer Finishing RAL colour (sliding door frames RAL 9005 – black)
Detection Devices Infrared presence sensors
Push button, signals and remote access Intercom (included in the traffic light)
LED Traffic lights
Emergency Lever Options Emergency lever, handle or crank

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How PureGym Enables Faster more secure 24h access.

“On time, every time – Meesons have been instrumental in the successful delivery of all Pure Gym sites.”

Simon Rouski, Head of Facilities at Pure Gym


Partnering with Meesons has been a game-changer for Cominfo. Their expertise in access security has empowered us to develop innovative portals that address the specific security challenges of their clients.

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CEO, Cominfo