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Rexon DEA Turnstiles

The REXON DEA Range is a full-height turnstile designed for high-security applications. Its robust and durable construction with a canopy makes it an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor installations. An anti-corrosive surface on all components and a high-quality finish guarantee reliable operation and long-lasting durability, even in harsh conditions.

The Rexon DEA 3 turnstile is a sturdy, full-height construction that is perfect for high-security environments where automated unguarded access is necessary. It is built with heavy-duty materials and features an anti-corrosive finish that makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • Anti-Tailgating
  • High-Security

Benefits to the business

  • Robust steel construction
  • Maximum security – dual brake system
  • Silent and smooth motor drive
  • Access control integration
  • Indoor and outdoor use
Model Dimensions
Unit height 3 Wing 2465mm
4 Wing 2550mm
3 Wing 2465mm
4 Wing 2550mm
Unit width 1400mm 3 Wing 2520mm
4 Wing 2235mm
Passage height 2100mm 2100mm 2100mm
Passage width 3 Wing 620m
4 Wing 550mm
3 Wing 620mm
4 Wing 550mm
3 Wing 620mm

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SPT Outdoor Speedgate - Halesowen College

A Robust Outdoor Solution for Campus Perimeter Security

“The speed gates operate reliably and quickly, ensuring that students can gain safe access to the campus with virtually no delay.”

Halesowen College Operation Director


For the last 15 years, we have been working alongside Cominfo to provide innovative and stylish security products for our array of clientele. Our partnership with Cominfo has been crucial to the success of our business, and we’re beyond proud of what we have accomplished with their knowledge to guide us.